Searching by Order Number in 855 for acknowledged 855s RRS feed

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  • Our BizTalk system sends out a 855 to our partner and they send back a 997. The 855 that we send out has a Order Number, I need a way to answer the question - "Did we receive a 997 for the 855 for the Order Number # ?" I know you can use the BAM reports that associate a 997 to the 855 that was sent out, but there's no way for me to search for 855s for "specific order numbers" in the EDI Status reports.

    Has anyone else had the requirement as above, to be able to associate specific data points in the payload of the EDI message (like order number, invoice number, customer number etc.) with EDI control numbers?
    Thursday, April 17, 2014 1:52 PM

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