FIX: Error message when you start a database mirroring session in SQL Server 2005: "Communications to the remote server instance 'TCP://<ComputerName>:<PortNumber>' failed before database mirroring was fully started" RRS feed

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  • When i am trying to start the mirroring process, it says Microsoft SQL Server error 1413. The size of my transaction log file(principal) is around 7GB. ( I know, if the transaction log file is large the mirroring server takes more than 10 seconds to scan the transaction log, a time-out error occurs)....So i followed the steps

        1.Shrink the transaction log file of the principal database. (Once i executed the DBCC shrink command the size of the backup file is reduced to 28 MB from 7GB)

        2.Back up the principal database and the transaction log of the principal database. 

        3.On the mirror database, restore the backup files that you generated in step 2.

    After completing all these tasks i performed Mirroring once again, it shows the same problem(Microsoft sql server, error 1413)

    Please Help me


    Monday, June 29, 2009 9:57 PM

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  • That's the generic mirror error.  Usually its communications based.  I would check the below to start with.

    port being used already
    named pipes not enabled
    remote connections not allowed
    Trying to set up with a user that hasn't sys and windows admin access on other side of mirror
    UAC being enabled

    If that dosnt help look in windows and SQL error logs and see if there is a second error number.  Generaly its on a entry by itself with no text explanation.
    Monday, June 29, 2009 10:12 PM