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  • Hi Folks,

    Have always recorded macros rather than writing them using VBA. However, changed job recently and new place is still using Office 2010 so I can no longer do this. Not something I now have to do regularly but could do with a hand for this one repetitive task. I have tried using snippets of other code to do this but keep breaking it.

    I need to transfer data from an Excel table into a table in PowerPoint. However the PPT table cant be an Excel Object. This part isn't an issue.

    Once the data is transferred I need to replace all line breaks with carriage returns, change them to bulleted text (using an en-dash as a bullet), with 0 indent and a space of 0.5cm from bullet to text.

    Lastly I need to format the table using banded rows (can amend the colours myself if I know where to put them in the code) along with potentially having a header row/column.

    Is there anyone out there can help me? Would save me an absolutely massive amount of time every week as I will have to do it manually multiple times every week otherwise.



    Wednesday, April 26, 2017 10:58 AM

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  • Hi Peter,
    You could iterate through characters in table cell and replace carriage returns character with an en-dash. I suggest you set row color via setting backcolor of cells in a row.
    Here is the example.

    'iterate through characters
    For i = 1 To TB.Rows.Count
    For Each cel In TB.Rows(i).Cells
      cel.Shape.Fill.BackColor.RGB = vbGreen
      Set txtRng = cel.Shape.TextFrame.TextRange
      If Len(txtRng.Text) > 0 Then
      txtRng.Text = Replace(txtRng.Text, Chr(13), " - ")
      End If
    Next cel
    Next i
    'Set Color
    For i = 1 To TB.Rows.Count
    For Each cel In TB.Rows(i).Cells
    cel.Shape.Fill.BackColor.RGB = vbGreen
    Next cel
    Next i



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