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    There are 2 situations in the Small Basic landscape that I think are a bit disappointing and possibly reduce growth opportunities for the SB community:

    1. Programs don't always run in the browser; and
    2. Program Delay is retarded when the SB ide is closed. (big issue for gamers)

    Nonki has a workaround for 1 and I've done a workaround in the past for 2 (awaiting test feedback on this).

    I think it would be opportunistic and more efficient if it were easier for SB devs to supply programs and code for audiences that have SB installed and those who don't.

    The only possible advantage I see with this situation is that it requires SB coders to learn how to deploy workarounds.

    It would be a lot simpler if workarounds weren't required.

    Any thoughts?

    PS Feedback on issue 2.

    Thursday, January 22, 2015 7:04 AM