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  • I had high hopes for the beta, thinking it would at least mostly work.  However, this "more compliant version" is horrible at translating CSS and even basic HTML code.  Even the <a name> tag on pages doesn't work (Check out http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=110518 click on any of the "On This Page" section links).  The #NAME data is appended to the end of the URL, but there is no page jump.  Also, I don't know why, but my site (currently in beta, as we develope more stuff) has tons of formatting errors when using IE8 (http://beta.protocol42.com/forums), if you view it under IE 7, the breaks in the screen images aren't there, and the scrolling banner menu on the left, actually scrolls (using the <marquee> tag).  All of it is probably easy to fix, but I'm not going to try if this is just something that is "odd" with this beta.  The site's formatting works correctly under all current browsers (ie6/ie7/FireFox/Opera/some mobile browsers).


    I've also noticed some odd page scrolling issues.  Using a touchpad, with the scroll sections, activating the scroll wheel function creats a strange jittering annomoly.  Like the page is stuttering and doesn't actually scroll.  This doesn't happen on all pages, though.  There is also some choppy scrolling, more like lag, it'll scroll a little then pause, then a little more, and pause.  Turning on smooth scrolling seems to have improved this symptom, but sometimes on some sites it is constantly there (like http://www.fark.com).  It may be due to a lot of dynamic content and animations on the page, as in flash ads and other revolving content, and a lot of data on the page.  Since Fark has a lot of images and text on the front page.

    Thursday, March 6, 2008 2:38 AM