what is the difference between MySQL/PHP and SQL SERVER/ASP ????????????


  • Hi,

    we are doing our final year enginnering project in Windows mobile.

    in this project our users will have their own portals.

    they can access their own portals on mobile (but not on mobile browser) as well as on their PC browser like IE or Firefox.
    also we are going to use XML Web Services to transfer our data.

    We are not able to decide wich technology we use for our server side i.e we should use MySQL/PHP or we should use SQL Server2005/ASP.Net for our server side.

    I just want to ask,

    1) What is the main difference between MySQL and SQL Server? and also PHP and ASP???

    2) which is better??

    3) Is their any problem will aries if we use MySQL and PHP for server side???????? like compatibility problem or something........if yes then how??????

    please reply,

    thanking you.
    Saturday, December 15, 2007 4:34 PM