Dynamically order by not working for all the page in SSRS RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    This is my first time in microsoft forum. Currently I am working on SSRS report using MDX. I was trying to do Order by dynamically on report. So here is the things which i did...

    1. I have created parameter as Order by which is having two values like "Lowest to Highest" and second one is "Highest to Lowest".

    2. If the user select an option as Lowest to Highest then report should sort the qty column by ascending and vice versa...

    3. I wrote the condition on row grouping properties like IIF(Parameter!Orderby.value = "Lowest to Highest","Sum(fieldsqty.value),"") and selected the Order as A to Z.

    4. Above condition is working fine , If I select Order by parameter as Lowest to Highest. But the problem i am facing is like, its working page by page. Like if i am on first page it will show me the report value asc to desc...as i navigate to second page, again it will show me the value as asc to desc...

    What i want is like above condition should work for all the page at a time....not page by page...

    Can anyone give me advise on this? It would be great If i get the soultion for above issue :)






    Dot Net Developer
    Friday, December 17, 2010 10:06 PM