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  • I have 2 vm that I'm constantly getting high cpu errors on for ASR.

    1vm has 3gb daily changes, 1vm has 4.6gb daily changes

    The Config & Process server are dual socket / 6 cores and upgraded to 8 core VM w/ 20gb memory.   I didn't think it would have tough time with pushing out changes, but it did.

    With all the high cpu errors, I added a second dual socket / 8 core VM with process server only w/ 20gb memory and assign it load balance process server.   After that, may have 1 high cpu error alert a day vs 100s..   Are these document outdated or wrong ?

    Vm1 - 6gb 2012 file server for 4 users. 

    Vm2 - 8gb 2012 sql server for 4 users - lots of log backup but still small

    the ESX vcenter runs on a different esx host.   The ASR originally was another server, but  a second one added just for this purpose.  Its just crazy that for 2 small vm, I need 2 full server so I dont get errors.

    4 vCPUs (2 sockets * 2 cores @ 2.5 GHz), 8-GB memory 300 GB 250 GB or less
    Replicate 85 or less machines.
    Thursday, January 23, 2020 1:57 PM

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