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  • We run Windows 2003 Server, and have a requirement for a custom workflow solution. I have seen a demo of a Sharepoint Services Task Workflow, and it looks good, but we would like to customise the forms with our own logic.

    For example, before a form loads at certain stages in the workflow we would like to pre-populate some of the fields on it from a stored procedure which runs against a different SQL Server database. Also, when a form is submitted we would like to pass selected data on the form to a different stored procedure (to perform a remote update of a database).

    Another requirement is to prevent two users from attempting to process the same workflow task. For example, if one user opens a task they may spend 30 minutes working on it before they progress it to the next stage. During that 30 minutes we don't want any other users to be able to pick up that task.

    A third requirement is to have a "lookup" button on a task form which will allow the user to link the current task to a record in an external database. The idea is that the button would open up a search form, from which the customer would select a record to link.

    Could anyone give me some insight into whether requirements like those above can be met using Sharepoint Services 3.0? If so, how would we implement them? Can Sharepoint workflows be extended using C# or VB code for example? I'm familiar with event-driven development concepts, but have no idea whether these sorts of features are offered for developers with Sharepoint Services.

    TIA for any pointers.

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