On-screen Keyboard Acting Wrong RRS feed

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  • A few months ago my tablet on-screen keyboard started acting differently.

    (1) When signing into a website, after entering my name, if I tab, the cursor moves to the password field but the keyboard goes away.  I have to go to the task bar and bring it back.  The keyboard used to stay on-screen when I tabbed.

    (2) The charms bar hides the keyboard icon on the task bar so I can't type anywhere on the charms.  For example, if I need to enter a wi-fi password.  I go to the notifications panel, select the wi-fi icon, select a network, and the password field appears.   I tap in the password field but the keyboard doesn't appear.  Even if I had the keyboard open, I have to close it to get to the notifications.  The solution is to open notepad, type in the password, copy it, bring up the password field and paste the password.

    These are just some of the frustrations that started a few months ago with the on-screen keyboard.   It is like it doesn't know I have selected a text field so it doesn't appear.

    I'm running Windows 8.1.

    Tuesday, November 5, 2019 6:17 PM