Can't locate my error RRS feed

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  • Dear forum members

    I am working on a file and I can't locate what causing my results to be unreasonable (more than 100% as an example).

    I created a dummy file to share with you. You can find it here:


    *this file works and my isn't, though the methodology is the same but in larger scales.

    I am trying to provide the total spend per:


    and also to provide visibility of which Site/Project/Category/Product was the most expensive out of the total spending of that year, to concentrate on real life measures to lower it.

    I am extracting many excel data files out of a folder using Power Query. 

    My goal is to locate the last file of each site&project (this file will host the most updated data) and sum the spend per year by the drill granularity my user wants. If a project lasts more than 1 year, and data exists for the second year, then I shouldn't display the data in the first year (otherwise my users might count the costs of both of the years and will double count the project).  

    I am searching the last file by a measure that looks for the max "File Date".

    [I would also like to show what is the "Consumption date" of each line item and display it in a line chart]. 


    Monday, August 24, 2015 9:55 PM


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