Can a Windows 8 app with a virtual audio driver get certified without WHQL? RRS feed

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  • We have an audio enhancer app that has passed Windows 7 Logo certification.  However, it does not pass Windows 8 Certification because the virtual audio driver does not have a WHQL signature.

    The driver's only purpose is to stand in as the Default Playback Device and pass audio samples to the app.  Since the driver does not actually interact with any hardware why would it need WHQL?

    From our research it seems setting up a WHQL lab (Windows 2008 R2 server and related headaches) and trying to get a test log for our driver is outside the scope of the project.  However, an OEM customer of ours requires the approval for legal reasons.

    We would have no trouble paying the $250 submission fee if that is all that is required.  But setting up the lab with the chance we may not see success is much more costly.

    We are at a standstill with our OEM customer until this is resolved.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thursday, June 6, 2013 1:44 AM