Use a translative expression in a Non-queried label which leads the combo-box parameter in report be dis-activited. RRS feed

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  • I am working for support multiple languages for a report.

    When I updated in the Available values(Non-queried), wrote few label's value to be an translate expression. e.x."XXX") instead of just a constant value XXX. which function is private created for translation.
    Then I find this combo-box parameter in report is dis-actived.

    It's looks like be blocked by a previous parameter. If I give a value or set a default value to previous parameter then this combo-box is active again. Or it works correct if I move this combo-box parameter to be front of other parameters. And it basically also works fine with a untranslatable constant label like "XXX".

    So is there a problem of use a translate expression in Non-queried available values? I have try some other expression dealing with String, it looks still have the problem of blocked by previous parameter. I need to find a property trick to solve it unless I am not suppose to move those parameters position or give a invisible default value to previous parameter.

    Any comments is appreciated. 

    I find this in the guide:

    Default Value

    You can define a default value for the parameter. If all parameters in a report have default values, the report will process immediately when the report is opened by the user or previewed in Report Designer. If at least one parameter does not have a default value, then the report will only display data after the user enters all parameter values and runs the report.

    So if my situation is I have a parameter which is not require a default value, then it will block the later combo-box. But I suppose that user can search by the later combo-box selection without type in the previous parameter. Also if I don't wanna to switch these 2 parameters layout sequence. Hw can I do? any trick?


    Thursday, January 27, 2011 3:34 PM