Sync framework and Compact SQL : Do we need to change technology?


  • Hi Erik

    Our system include between one to 20 PCs (windows 7 or 8 ) on a local network, with one "main" data base and multiple "local" data bases on each "client" PC

    We chose MS SQL server as the "main" DB, and Compact edition as the "local" DBs

    We sync only one direction, from the Main DB to the local DBs, using sync framework

    We have around 10 thousand existing installations in the field and we plan to replace them during the next 2 years

    We already deployed and tested the system in some test sites, but we can still change the technology if needed

    My question is:

    Is microsoft planning to support compact edition with sync framework? when?

    I saw a similar question in one thread ("technology dead-end"), but your answers were "how large is your table?", "you can use this or that script", "microsft is not supporting but it may work under some conditions"

    although it is quite helpful on the short term, I ask for somethig else.

    I don't need hacks, I need commitment for long-term support for the technology.

    Thanks in advance


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