Best way to develp and embed interactive widgets or charts in PowerPoint slides? RRS feed

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  • My background: I am a fiber optic product manager with a mostly hardware background. So I'm asking this question from a position of ignorance (although I have some experience developing Windows 7 desktop UIs in C#, but that was several years ago).

    My goals:  I want to create PowerPoint slides or Word documents in which the person reading or presenting the slides (or document) can interact with various embedded widgets and/or charts. For example, as I work in the field of fiber optics, I might want to embed a chart showing optical power as a function of wavelength, with these slider controls: Receive bandwidth, zoom in/out, pan left/right. The chart data could be embedded in the slides or document (if this is possible), or found in external files (Excel? CSV?), or found at a given URL.

    My questions:

    1)  Are my goals achievable given the technologies and tools currently available for Microsoft Office development? Or should I just learn how to create JavaScript/CSS/HTML webpages readable by any browser?

    2) Am I correct in assuming that C#/XAML or JavaScript/CSS/HTML are my two best language options given my goals?

    3) Which technologies and tools (Office Ad-ins, IDEs, languages, libraries) should I consider using first?

    Saturday, March 11, 2017 7:45 PM