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  • There was class diagram in older visual studio versions. Will this be deprecated with the UML logical class diagram coming in?
    Also, the older class diagram was always in sync with the code...but on LCD there is no way to generate code
    Can someone clarify?
    Thursday, February 19, 2009 9:23 AM


  • The two will exist side by side.

    You will be able to generate code from the UML (logical) class diagram, but you will need to supply a transformation to do it. You will be able to define your own transformations or get them from Microsoft or other parties. The details of how to define a transformation will be available in due course.

    The purpose of the logical diagrams is to help you visualize concepts in the users' domain or in the high-level architecture. The kinds of class you consider at this level do correspond to the program code, but not directly; and the way they correspond differs from project to project.

    For example, if your company makes airport baggage systems, you might always start with a class diagram of the various kinds of baggage handling element in the airport, like Conveyor Belt, Checkin Desk, Junction, Carousel, .... And if you've written a lot of these baggage systems, you might have an algorithm for generating software from those diagrams. But that algorithm won't be the same as someone in another company who uses class diagrams to represent websites.

    So instead of providing the straight translation from logical diagrams to code, we provide the means to create or procure your own.

    Makes sense?
    - Alan -MSFT
    Thursday, February 19, 2009 7:59 PM