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  • Has anyone listened to the latest podcast from .NET Rocks?  This is what Kathleen Dollard said:


    "The weakest thing in Win8 is the thing that should be the most important to get right which is the Win8 desktop.  Most people will use the Win8 desktop.  That will be their experience, and as of today what we've seen, the experience is more difficult for the normal user than it is in Win7.  And it's hard to see why people and organizations are going to upgrade to an operating system if the individual's experience goes down hill."


    "The Win8 desktop experience was the most important thing to get right and it's the worst."


    "If we want to write for Metro,  we probably writing for a tablet anyway, and that's a totally different experience and writing for the tablet makes sense and so Win 8 tablet Metro is just fine.  The Win 8 desktop, I really think they've got a problem to solve before it goes live."


    This starts about 16-17 minutes into the show. 


    I really want Windows 8 to succeed, but they need to start fixing all the usability issues that we've brought up time and time again.

    Wednesday, December 7, 2011 8:38 PM