Problem with Certificates - Websites are reported by Internet Explorer as dangerous with expired certificates RRS feed

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  • Big problem here. Here's the situation: I have very simple home network, two PCs, standard D-Link router, everything on default - no "fancy" custom setup or anything.

    I've installed win8 on PC 'A' with no problems (fresh install - not over win7), then I've proceed to install win8 on the PC 'B' - then, during the final settings strange things happened:

    - while trying to log with LIVE account it asked if I want to proceed because of expired certificate (didn't happened with PC A)

    - then it failed to authorize completely

    - after completing the installation (with just normal user account) most of the websites (even gmail) are reported by IE as "dangerous" and with expired certificate

    - I can't even use windows update or switch my user to LIVE cause it fails to connect (messages, popups etc about expired certificates are everywhere)

    Nothing of the above happened on PC A. Like I've early said, I have no "special setup" or anything on my network. It always worked on all of other systems (plug&play basicaly).

    Thoughts? Solution? Thank you in advance.

    Saturday, November 12, 2011 10:58 AM