Correlating Inbound ACK RRS feed

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  • Agreement exist between PartyA and PartyB, and check box "997 Expected" is set in Acknowledgements page in the PartyA -> PartyB tab(Party A is US/Self).

    Outbound EDI is sent out.
    Opened the "Interchange/ACK status" report in admin console. It shows the EDI that is sent out with "Interchange Status" = "Ack Expected" value.
    Ack is received from the customer, (AK102 matches with GS06 value and AK202 matches with ST02). It is submitted to BizTalk. BizTalk processes, and in the admin console, I see another entry for received 997, but the "Interchange Status" of the original EDI document stays as it is.

    Is this kind of expected behavior or should the "Interchange Staus" of the orginal document be changed to "Accepted"/"Rejcted" etc?


    Friday, July 13, 2012 8:24 PM

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