How to add Total Column for Column Field in Report Designer for ReportViewer RRS feed

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  • I have a ReportViewer with a Report having a matrix Table as follows:-

    Months (Jan, Feb, .. Dec) as Row field
    Fruits (Apple, Orange and Pear) as Column Field
    Sales as Data/detail field

    Data like this:-

    Month, Fruit,Sales
    Jan, Apple, 100

    Now my output report looks like this
    Month | Apple | Orange | Pear
    Jan | 100|200|300

    However, I want a total col on far right side like this
    Month | Apple | Orange | Pear | Total
    Jan | 100|200|300|600

    How to do this ? I tried many times and search around can't find the solution. Pls... pls help. Thanks




    Saturday, December 11, 2010 11:46 AM