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  • Hi,

    I'd like some clarification of what sort of project I should be using to write a game with:

    * Direct3d rendering

    * In app advertising

    * In app purchases

    I currently have a c++ d3d/xaml project with app.xaml.cpp and mainpage.xaml.cpp files that uses a SwapChainPanelBackground.

    So I guess I have a xaml 'framework' of sorts...however, I can't find *any* docs or samples re: how to add either ads or iap to this setup - all related code I can find is in c#.

    Should I be using a c# project with a c++ 'component' to run the actual game instead then?

    Even if I can achieve the above in c++, perhaps using c# will make development easier?


    ps: Can someone please fix this forum system so it works on Chrome without messing up fonts!?!

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  • It depends greatly on the specific game and your skills. C# is generally easier than C++, but doesn't directly support Direct3D. There are several 3rd party frameworks (Monogame, SharpDX, Unity, etc.) which expose D3D to C#.

    In app purchases are not UI centric and can be done in C++. There is a C++ project in the Trial app and in-app purchase sample (Windows 8)

    The Advertising SDK will work in a C++ app using Xaml, but you should check on the Advertising SDK forum (Microsoft pubCenter for Windows 8 Apps ). This thread suggests that the AdControl will work in a Xaml control in a SwapChainBackgroundPanel.


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