ADF V2 - Linked service for ADL Gen1 gets automatically published, bypassing VSTS Git Integration.


  • Hello,

    UI Issue:
    When creating an Azure Data Lake Store Linked service in the 'master' branch of Git, it also created it in the Data Factory itself (by-passing the publish process). When we try to publish later on, this causes in the dependant datasets of that linked service to not be published or published incorrectly.

    Steps to reproduce:
    In V2 Data Factory, try
    1. Setup source-control integration with VSTS
    2. Create a Azure Data Lake Store Gen1 Linked Service

    Linked Service is now in Data Factory, without publish.

    When we try to delete the linked service in the Data Factory (not VSTS), we get the following error message:

    Error: Not able to delete linked service, message returned from service - undefined

    We started noticing this issue on June 22, 2018, immediately after a Data Factory update 'Event trigger based data integration with Azure Data Factory June 21, 2018'. This could have happened earlier but we started noticing it since June 22.

    There are standard work around like manually updating the ARM template in the VSTS "adf_publish" branch, but this seems like a bug. Have there been any other recommendations or work arounds to this issue?

    Thank you,

    Factory Version: V2
    Git Integration: Enabled
    Git Repo Type: VSTS
    VSTS Project:
    Factory Version: V2
    Git Integration: Enabled
    Git Repo Type: VSTS
    VSTS Project:
    Tuesday, July 17, 2018 3:51 PM

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  • Hi Rohit,

    It is by design and Day 0 experience that linked service with credentials will be published to data factory directly even in git mode. Only linked service using Akv will not be published. This is for security consideration that we can't store your credentials in VSTS repository.

    But you should be able to delete it from both vsts and data factory. After delete it from data factory, you can't use it in your vsts because vsts doesn't have the credential information.

    Wednesday, July 18, 2018 5:30 AM