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  • Hello,

    I decided to use Azure for hackathons in Silicon Valley because of the rapid nature of building Node.js and connect it to GitHub. For example we built this in a day http://letsgo.io Before, I used to use heroku and nodejitsu, but managing Azure was significantly easier.

    One of the main things I wish Azure Node.js templates had:


    • Automatically enable Node.Js error messages. It took us some time to find out how to enable that Basically we just have to add a file called "IISNode.yml"  as developers, we want to have logging on my default, and we can decide whether to disable it in future (like how django does it)
    • Automatically allow us to serve Web Fonts/SVG graphics, we had to create a new web.config to allow us to serve them


    • The portal is excellent, but it is a pain to figure out what went wrong. There should have been an online logger viewer so I can know what my node instance is doing and how it crashed.

    Source control

    • Easier way to switch our Git branches. We had to disconnect github and then reconnect. There should be an online git manager to change settings.
    • Would be great to find out the log diff of what is being deployed. Like how it was done in Jenkins. When it picks up new changes, it lists the commits that were added and deploying. It is easier to see what new stuff picked up and being deployed.

    ACL per website

    • I want to add a co-admin to one Azure-Website, not to my entire Azure account. I didn't figure out how. I have many sites hosted and when running a project, I want to add my team members to help me manage that instance. So adding access control lists per website/storage/etc would be ideal
    • Different FTP Passwords per website. It seems it is a global password for the entire account

    That is about it. Right now I went through the initial hiccups, and I understand what needs to be done. But when new people come on board with Node.js and Azure, I am afraid that they will just give up and find a different solution.

    Mohamed Mansour

    Friday, April 19, 2013 4:56 PM

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  • Thanks, Mohamed. Some comments.

    For logging, have you tried using the streaming diagnostics trace? This is an excellent tool for what you want.

    You already have different FTP passwords per site. The publish profile credentials are specific to a website.


    Jim Cheshire | Microsoft

    Friday, April 19, 2013 5:52 PM