Slow infopath loading with WSS RRS feed

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    Need some help with this. My Infopath form (Infopath 2010, designed as 2007 filler form) loads very slowly when it query's a particular data connection to a list. When I disable automatic retrieve on that list the form opens faster.The list contains only about 30 items

    I looked at the list in SP Designer and saw it had items like 128_.000, 100_.000 and so on and deleted these. Immediately I did this the form started loading normally. On returning to my list though I found out I had deleted all the items in the list.

    On creating a new list item it has generated another file of the type 128_.000, has anyone seen anything like this before? Could this be what makes a 30 item list load very slowly in infopath?




    Tuesday, November 15, 2011 6:25 PM


  • Hi,

    I have never seen that type of behavior especially for a client side form but it does beg some questions:

    1. You mention that it pulls in about 30 items but how many columns are there per row item in that list?  If you have 30 items but 50 columns per row item that is still a chunk of data the data connection needs to bring in.

    2. What is the data that is pulled in?  Is it only numerical data?

    3. What version of SharePoint are you using?

    4. How was this list designed?  Was it created manually or was it created and then modified using an InfoPath template?

    5. How is data input into that list?

    6. What does the data within the list look like compared to what you see in Designer?  Do you not see the "_"?

    7. Can you create a new list that uses the same data type columns as the original and can you create a data connection to that list and do you see the same behavior?

    Regards, Aaron Suoja - Microsoft Online Community Support
    Tuesday, November 22, 2011 3:31 PM