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  • Hello,

    I am trying to migrate documents from a file share to SharePoint Online using the Migration API.  I want to update the Modified By value on a document with a user in SPO, however, I am having issues setting the value to a new user.  The user does exist in SharePoint Online.

    Here is what I am doing:

    Running the following PowerShell command:

    # Create new package from file share

    New-SPOMigrationPackage -SourceFilesPath $sourceFiles -OutputPackagePath $sourcePackage -TargetWebUrl $targetWeb -TargetDocumentLibraryPath $targetDocLib -NoAzureADLookup 

    When that is run, the following xml files are created:



    In the UserGroups.xml, I get the following:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <UserGroupMap xmlns="urn:deployment-usergroupmap-schema">


        <User Flags="0" IsDeleted="false" SystemId="AQIAAAAAAAUgAAAAIAIAAA==" IsSiteAdmin="false" IsDomainGroup="true" Email="" Login="BUILTIN\Administrators" Name="" Id="1"/>




    Notice the Id value = 1

    In the manifest.xml, I get the following (just including a snippet):

    <SPObject Url="/Accounting/test.doc" ParentWebUrl="/Accounting" ParentWebId="84ec82c5-4227-4579-ad19-bd8ca24873f4" ParentId="10394067-6044-46ad-b1c9-250f5a150359" ObjectType="SPFile" Id="6ad11bcf-45bb-4774-b8b9-f1ebc2b5872f">

    <File Url="University/test.doc" ParentWebUrl="/Accounting" ParentWebId="84ec82c5-4227-4579-ad19-bd8ca24873f4" ParentId="10394067-6044-46ad-b1c9-250f5a150359" Id="6ad11bcf-45bb-4774-b8b9-f1ebc2b5872f" TimeLastModified="2014-11-03T22:38:56" TimeCreated="2016-11-21T22:39:21" Name="test.doc" ModifiedBy="1" Author="1" FileSize="49152" FileValue="test.doc" Version="1.0" ListId="e57e4293-e372-434e-a75b-85337c0bd15d" ListItemIntId="4"/>


    <SPObject Url="/Accounting/test.doc" ParentWebUrl="/Accounting" ParentWebId="84ec82c5-4227-4579-ad19-bd8ca24873f4" ParentId="e57e4293-e372-434e-a75b-85337c0bd15d" ObjectType="SPListItem" Id="fb35fc12-17ba-4faa-a4ce-14559fd2c7d1">





    Notice that the ModifiedBy="1"  and  Author="1" values are set to 1 …. Which I’m assuming maps to the id of the user in the UserGroups.xml

    Anyway, if I were to change the UserGroups.xml file to the following:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <UserGroupMap xmlns="urn:deployment-usergroupmap-schema">


    <User Id="1" Name="Fred Flintstone" Login="" Email=" " IsDomainGroup="false" IsSiteAdmin="false" SystemId="AQIAAAAAAAUgAAAAIAIAAA==" IsDeleted="false" Flags="0" />

    <User Id="2" Name="Barney Rubble" Login="" Email=" " IsDomainGroup="false" IsSiteAdmin="true" SystemId="AQIAAAAAAAUgAAAAIAIAAA==" IsDeleted="false" Flags="0" />


    <Groups />


    And then modify the manifest xml to be ModifiedBy="2" Author="2",

    I then run the following PowerShell commands:

    # Convert package to a targeted one by looking up data in target site collection

    ConvertTo-SPOMigrationTargetedPackage -SourceFilesPath $sourceFiles -SourcePackagePath $sourcePackage -OutputPackagePath $targetPackage -TargetWebUrl $targetWeb -TargetDocumentLibraryPath $targetDocLib -Credentials $Credential

    - Submit Package to Azure:

    $azurePkg = Set-SPOMigrationPackageAzureSource -SourceFilesPath $sourceFiles -SourcePackagePath $targetPackage -AzureQueueName $azureQueueName -AccountName $azureAccountName -AccountKey $azureAccountKey

    Submit-SPOMigrationJob -TargetWebUrl $targetWeb -MigrationPackageAzureLocations $azurePkg -Credentials $Credential


    Once the files are uploaded to Azure and then migrated to SharePoint Online, all the documents show up as being modified by Fred (User Id=1), instead of Barnie.

    In the ConvertMigrationPackage logs, I find the following:

    12/15/2016 11:10:58 PM Warning User node was not sucessfully looked up, marking as deleted

    12/15/2016 11:10:58 PM Warning User node was not sucessfully looked up, marking as deleted

    Any ideas on what I am doing wrong.  Basically, I want to update the modified by with various users in SPO.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Friday, December 16, 2016 4:48 PM

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