Catching NFC device arrival and departure events in service RRS feed

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  • We have been trying to capture NFC events of device arriving and departing, and also sending and receiving data. So far we have a desktop application that can do that successfully (traditional Windows Desktop app, not a metro app). What we are trying to do is to capture those events and data using a service, but do not see any events or data when using a service.

    We were under the impression that, because our system runs as NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM, the NFC events are not getting sent to it. To change the context to local user, we  used something similar to this to impersonate local user within the service, which does change the context to local user, but still does not catch any NFC events or data. (We verified that execution context changed by using WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent().Name). 

    So our questions are:

    How to detect NFC device in proximity, and receive data, using a service? And what is the reason it does not work currently? (Is it for security that the OS is not allowing it?)

    Are there any restrictions as to who can listen to NFC events?

    Can we, for the sake of debugging, see anywhere in Windows (e.g. Event logger) if there are any NFC events? (We can here the ping sound that comes when a device is detected close by)

    Thanks a lot! Appreciate your help!

    Thursday, April 23, 2015 5:19 PM