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  • I use GetSearchAddress in AzureMapsRestToolkit library c#:

    public Task<Response<SearchAddressResponse>> GetSearchAddress(string region)
            AzureMapsServices amService = new AzureMapsServices(subscriptionkey);
            var searchAddress = new SearchAddressRequest
                Query = region,
                Typeahead = true,
                Limit = 1
            return amService.GetSearchAddress(searchAddress);            

    I want to send Country or Region name and get Geometry Id to use it in GetSearchPolygon(). 

    Two questions:

    1. I do not see GetSearchPolygon in AzureMapsServices class. I see only GetSearchInsidePolygon . Is it the same? 

    2. When I get response from GetSearchAddress , I see the Geometry Id is null. But in the web, for example using by url with this in the browser I see the id is full and consists the value. Why do not I see it by using API from c#?

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