ODP.Net vs .Net Data Provider for Oracle:


  • I am writing an application that will use (.net 2.0) and Oracle 10 g database. I dont want to write CRUD code/generic classes myself so I am thinking of either using .net to generate my DAL but I have heard about performance issues because .net does not use which is high in performance. My other option is use  a thrid party tool like LLBL GenPro to generate my DAL and Business Logic Layer which uses ODP.Net. Please help! I am confused and there is an information overload on the internet.....



    Friday, June 08, 2007 10:15 PM


  • I think based on my experience you should try and use either ODP.NET or the Microsoft provider because these mappers impose too much restrictions on your data manipulation, you end up with too many defects without feasible solutions.  If you use ODP.NET or Microsoft provider you can remove ADO.NET make adjustments in the database and solve many issues within oracle.  I am not in the project anymore but that is my experience yes part of the problem was architecture but the generic mapper used created complications that could be minimized.


    One more thing ODP.NET let you do more with Oracle than the Microsoft .NET provider.  Just my humble opinion.  The link below is the content of the person who knows .NET and Oracle, he was hired by Oracle last year and his content was moved to the Oracle site so look for his code at the site.  Hope this helps.



    Saturday, June 09, 2007 1:42 PM