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  • We have SQL Server Mirroring set up on a database between two Servers in different parts of the country connected over a Wide Area Network in SQL Server 2005 SP4. No Witness is configured.

    Mirroring works fine; except on two occasions both after a failure of the Wide Area Network for a few hours leaving the two servers unable to talk to each other. As expected, Mirroring went into Disconnected State and the Database Log file continued to grow on the Principal despite Transaction Log backups.

    However when the network link has come back up, Mirroring refuses to reconnect and goes into a seemingly “Permanent Disconnected State”. Server and Service restarts have no effect. After previous short (few minutes) link outages Mirroring always restarts with no issues.

    We’ve “fixed” the problem both times by removing mirroring from the database, than reapplying. This however is a big issue as it just takes too long to do.

    Attempts to reproduce this “Permanent Disconnected State”, by isolating test servers from each other using the Firewall to block network traffic have failed.  Mirroring resumes immediately the servers can see each other.

    Has anybody else seen this “Permanent Disconnected State”? Is there a way of forcing Mirroring back into life without removing and reapplying? Why is Mirroring stopping in this way?

    Thursday, August 30, 2012 11:05 AM


  • when there is a network fail , and when the network is back

    instead of removing the mirroring and re configuring then simple

    restart the endpoints of principle and mirrored server

    alter ENDPOINT mirroring
    STATE = stopped

    alter ENDPOINT mirroring
    STATE = started

    on both the principle and mirrored server

    Ramesh Babu Vavilla MCTS,MSBI

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    Thursday, August 30, 2012 12:05 PM