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  • I upgraded to Windows 10 on the day it came out, since MS decided to give it to all registered Windows users for free. Now, frankly, I never upgrade to MS products right when they came out, since they're usually full of bugs and garbage and really aren't worth getting till about a year after the initial version comes out, IMHO. I decided to chance it this one time and, of course, it didn't fail - today my PC completely crapped out. 

    I have a Dell XPS 8100 with 16 gigs of ram, a terabyte of HD space, I was running Windows 7 with ZERO problems. I clean the registry weekly, keep an eye out for garbage files and, having been in the IT industry for about 20 years, I know my way around software and hardware. After I upgraded to Windows 10, my network adapter for my ethernet line started crapping out intermittently... Rebooting the PC would fix the problem, till it would go out again. It had nothing to do with the router (I have two of them, and Verizon tech support checked everything and even made a house call). Then today, my keyboard and mouse (connected via my monitor's USB ports) stopped working when the computer booted up. I had no choice but to force restart the computer, after which I got a "Boot Configuration Data is missing or contains errors". 

    Error Oxc000014c... It graciously asks to contact the PC manufacturer for recovery media. So, YOUR software ran my previously perfectly working PC into the ground, and I have to figure out how to fix it? Um, NO. This one's on YOU.

    I don't have recovery tools or media for windows 10, obviously, this is a fresh upgrade and a brand new piece of software. Dell won't help since the PC originally didn't come with Win 10. So what do I do now? No boot disk, no anything, and ALL of my business' files are on there. I expect you to do the right thing and fix this.

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