"No website is configured at this address"


  • I'm trying to create a mobile application from the Pocket PC 2003 SE Emulator with VS2005 so that I can invoke some web service using the device.  At the moment, I'm facing some problems relating to the connection of the pocket pc.  In the pocket IE, no matter what URL I type in, I always get this message on the screen:

    "No website is configured at this address"

    I have IIS 5.1 installed, ActiveSync 4.0 as well as a Microsoft Loopback Adapter set to the IP address of  "Once" I thought I made the right settings and I can actually see the web service page in pocket IE.  I can invoke a basic service called "HelloWorld" and helloworld is printed out in a textbox.  Hours later, when I switched on the computer again, I keep getting this message. Very confused.... please help!

    My web reference URL is like:


    This works in normal web browsers as well as the browser from the "Add Web Reference" section in VS2005. I did not change any of the settings in the pocket PC after I got it working.

    Monday, May 08, 2006 11:02 AM


  • Try cradling the emulator and see whether you're able to access it then. Also, play around with your IIS properties to make sure you're not blocking IP addresses other than your own
    Saturday, July 01, 2006 8:06 PM