How to remove email or microsoft account from PC device? RRS feed

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  • Okay so i signed in recently to my brothers new computer, and as of recently in order to access his computer he needed to sign in with my Hotmail password, and for some reason every other setting on his computer requires my email password.

    ALSOOOO before anyone gives me the suggestion to go into my Microsoft account and remove trusted devices... (I HAVE, several of times and it shows i have no devices listed). and i cannot for the life of me remove the settings its totally transferred everything of mine and made my Hotmail the administrative account on this computer. How do i fix this, someone please help. Because he has so many programs on this computer i don't know what to do. ALSOO i have tried deleting my Hotmail and Microsoft account but in order to access his computer i need my Hotmail password, so it reactivates my account.

    Wednesday, November 30, 2016 9:20 AM