Kinect V2 Microphone works but not Camera RRS feed

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  • Bought this Kinect V2 yesterday with the adapter and it seems like I already have issues. I have been doing research constantly trying to figure out the problem so I'm taking my question over here.

    This is my specs:

    Windows 10 x64
    I7-2600 CPU
    GT 1030 GPU
    Intel Chipset USB3.0
    8 GB RAM

    Issues I'm facing:

    (With the Kinect Configuration Verifier, in Verify Kinect Depth and Color Streams) No depth frames received.

    Camera doesn't work while microphone works fine, so I'm assuming the Kinect and adapter actually work.

    On the kinect, there are 3 red lights in the center that flash from time to time when disconnecting and reconnecting the kinect from the adapter, don't know if that matters.

    Things I've tried:

    Updating any drivers including USB
    Restarting my computer

    Would using a virtual machine work, maybe? Because it seems people only have problems on Windows 10. Nothing seems to be working, a
    ny help is appreciated.

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  • Having the microphone work but not the camera is a little unusual.  Do you have access to a known working Kinect V2 + adapter that you could try with your PC, or else another PC you could try your Kinect on to try and rule out an issue with the adapter or sensor itself?


    Saturday, December 7, 2019 12:15 AM