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    i use xps printer ( print to file ) driver and i get the  xaml code by this driver but how i can get the outline path of the final render object or any xaml code ,  for example for the following code

    <Path Data="F1 M 401.28,509.6 L 401.28,538.24"  Stroke="#ff000080" StrokeThickness="4.8" StrokeLineJoin="Round" StrokeStartLineCap="Round" StrokeEndLineCap="Round" Clip="M 398.72,507.04 L 404,507.04 404,540.8 398.72,540.8 z"  />
            <Canvas Clip="M 398.72,496 L 398.72,540.8 409.92,540.8 409.92,496 z" >

    what i need is i want to get the vector picture from any program by printer driver and get outline of the final result in order to move the pen of the printer according to the outline of the object ??????


    Friday, November 15, 2013 11:38 AM