App and Cloud Service needs "Middle Man Service" running localy at all online connected "Buisness Costumers". RRS feed

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  • Hi Friends!

    Among many of my future development challanges - One of my biggest projects is now looking for some real moves to whats next.

    This project solution will be supported bye a client, that runs with a backend cloud service.

    But as this project will need to impliment geolocation services among other future services - I now see the need to have support for yet another service.

    Another service point for both Client and Cloud, representing a local "Present/Visiting" Service, supported and run at "Business Locations" to serve a "Logged in/at location" Ticket for clients/cloud and act as a "Hookup/Beacon/Confirmation Service" for all visiting Clients.

    Maybe a WEB API/REST Service - something vNext?!- something "OpenSorce" that could run on any "server device" via a usb-stick implimentation - doing a "POST/PUT" Service Events to CLOUD - and a "Ping/Search/Login/Chat/SignalR/ Service" on "Busines's local WLAN" for any visiting "Clients" who trough WLAN confirms a "local logged in status".

    If anyone has any pointers or examples from web/experience/work that might serve me some pointers?!

    Would sure be happy to hear from anyone out there on my challenges ahead....



    Regards, Kato.

    Saturday, November 29, 2014 2:17 AM

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  • Hi Kato,

    It’s not clear what you are looking for, “Middle Man Service”? Do you require data service to provide something to app and cloud service communication? Hope you can post more information about your scenario.

    By the way, this is suitable for discussion. I will change it.


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    Monday, December 1, 2014 9:19 AM
  • Yes, a "Middle Man Service" J

    On every physical "Business" Location - the future project solution will need to offer Special Event Service Aspects.

    That shall trigger “ONLY” – with help from this “Middle Man Service” who will serve a Base Logged/Checked/Confirmation” Ticket.

    “A Middle Man” - Something “Open Source” vNext WEB API Service – running from a “usb-stick” on any device – updatable - .zip distribution via http web – where – local costumers-hash.txt holds valid cloud business id.  

    Something “middle Man” – that is only available for the Solutions Business Costumers own Wi-Fi network – forming a service combination, where the Universal Client-App, with its MAP and GPS/ONLINE capability, keeps talking against Main Cloud Service Node as before, but when Client App User “enters” into any “Business Locations Wifi” Area, and has a valid IP – the Cloud Service shall offering A Higher Service “level” if you like – CONFIRMING THAT YOU ARE PRESENT AT LOCATION – whenever the app is agile/or background worker configured.  

    I see to start – that the “Middle Man Service” shall work as a BEACON for LOCAL CHECKIN – serving that confirmed Update to any Wi-Fi Client App User with a “VALID - I AM PRESENT AT THIS LOCAL BUISNESS POOL”. Qualifying USER for OTHER iServices in the Cloud – that will offer client with extended services to any “PRESENT USER” – CHECKED in at ALL REGISTERED Wi-Fi Business Location’s.

    Hope that helped…

    Regards, Kato.

    Monday, December 8, 2014 10:17 PM
  • As I am up for any suggestions - I stumbled on this the other day---


    Not that I have dug deep here or anything - but it gave me a feeling to look around a bit further for ideas....

    Regards, Kato.

    Monday, December 8, 2014 10:38 PM