USB Topology Compatibility Test : Runjob - Restore USB behavior flags fails RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have to pass the USB Topology Compatibility Test which is my last test before submitting my package but I am encountering an issue.

    The only parameter is IsEmbeddedUSBDevice and it's set to FALSE.

    During the test a powershell windows appears with "/3 /d VID/PID" and also a USB view windows but no "Test Instructions" dialog. So I realize all the asked topologies and then I have close manually the USB view windows to end the test, if I do not the test just hangs on the powershell windows. The job "Runjob - Restore USB behavior flags" is failing. Topologies are all passing (EHCI -> DUT and XHCI -> SS Hub -> DUT are passing with filters).

    What should I do to complete the test correctly ? 

    What does "/3 /d VID/PID" mean in powershell window ?

    Why don't I have any "Test Instructions" dialog ?

    Best regards.

    EDIT : 

    Here is the error log : 


    Start: RevertFlags , TUID=

    Error: Terminating: Could not find file 'C:\WLK\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRunE8DEED95-5C13-4A83-86DA-432857D77616\RegHistory.xml'. 

    Position: At C:\WLK\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRunE8DEED95-5C13-4A83-86DA-432857D77616\RevertFlags.ps1:17 char:24
    +         $undoArray = @(Import-Clixml "RegHistory.xml")
    +                        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    FullyQualifiedErrorId: FileOpenFailure,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.ImportClixmlCommand 

    End:  Fail, RevertFlags, TUID=, Repro=

    Note : The job "RunJob - Remove USB behavior flags - USB device" fails too with the error : "Error: Terminating: Device not found by VID/PID: USB\\VID_079B&PID_0028\\."

    Wednesday, May 15, 2013 2:50 PM


  • Okay, I succeeded to fix the issue.

    You have to plug in your device in a USB port before you run the  test so it can detect your device VID/PID. 

    Make sure you remember what port you used to re use it in the end of the test so it can restore behavior flags.

    Best regards.

    Thursday, May 16, 2013 8:01 AM