Blank emial when sent from outside of outlook (VSTO) RRS feed

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  • I seem to have an issue when sending an email programmatically from outlook using VSTO 2005 SE.

    A brief overview: The software I have developed is designed to send an email that has been sent to a client to a document warehouse for staff to store for their records. In order for this item to be stored in the warehouse I create a new email item based on the original as its template.

    So the process is as follows:

    1: user sends email to client.
    2: when the Item send event fires it prompts user to save to warehouse (yes/no)
    3: If the user says yes then a new email item (mailitem) is created in memory. The attachments and text from the original is copied to the new mail item.
    4: The original gets sent to the client
    5: A form appears to ask which client / type / group etc to send to so that it ends up in the right place in the warehouse.
    6: The user clicks "post to warehouse"
    7: The newly created email gets sent to the warehouse.

    when I send an email from within outlook the email item sends ok and the body of the email is complete both the client and warehouse. However, when I send an email from outside outlook (With outlook open or not) the email item does not contain any text in the body. i.e. I go into a PDF and click the "Email as attachment button" or right click on an item on the desktop, click send to, click mail item. (All the text in the mail item gets removed. Both on the original to the client and the newly created email)

    any suggestions?
    Senior Web developer
    Wednesday, December 10, 2008 3:57 PM