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  • I am having issues refreshing PowerPivot data within SharePoint 2010. I have multiple excel files published in a PowerPivot Gallery, and have setup the PowerPivot Data refresh for all the files. I successfully refresh each file each day, except I intermittently have issues refreshing this 1 file. I know it is not a configuration issue since my other files refresh each day without error, while this one file in particular throws the "The Operation Has Been Cancelled" error in the comments section through SharePoint. If I pull the file down to my local machine, I never have any errors refreshing the powerpivot data  (and it runs in a minute or two), but when I try to re-run the refresh in sharepoint i keep getting the same "The Operation Has Been Cancelled" error. I thought it might be a timeout issue, but it always arrors out after 70-100 seconds (nornally 1.5 min, way too short for a timeout issue). I also have thought it could be a memory issue, but the server being used to do the refresh has 8GB of RAM, while my local machine only has 4GB of RAM, so I dont think this is the issue either.

    What makes this even more odd, is that this problem doesnt always occur, it comes and goes. We have a weekend data refresh of our data warehouse, and sometimes after the data refresh occurs on the weekend the problem PowerPivot file starts refreshing again, then for a couple of weeks it will refresh every day without error. But then after a random seperate weekend data warehouse update it will start throwing the "The Operation Has Been Cancelled" error again for a couple of weeks until a new data warehouse refresh stops the error. So just from the symptoms I felt it should have to be something with the data refresh of the data warehouse, but I can always pull the report down locally and the refresh will run without error. 

    If anyone has seen a similar issue, i could use the help, as it totally sucks every day having to pull the file down locally, to the refresh manually, and upload the file back to SharePoint so the data is up to data


    Thursday, June 14, 2012 2:26 PM

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