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  • When we migrated our solution from vs2008 to vs2010 the Designer Class of our TypedDataset (Dataset1.Designer.cs) has been changed. Some GeneratedCodeAttributes have been added. But unfortunately also the methods UpdateUpdatedRows, UpdateInsertedRows and UpdateDeletedRows have changed: now the order of tables is wrong! So we get FOREIGN KEY violation that we did not get before when calling UpdateAll.

    I have already read a post complaining about that fact. The solution given there was to generate the complete dataset again. I did that, but it still does not work. So I created a new, empty project, both in VS2008 and in VS2010. I added a new dataset, included only 4 quite simple tables, all with foreign key relations. The generated TableAdapterManager class in VS2008 is correct, the generated TableAdapterManager class in VS2010 is different - and wrong!

    So what can I do? Any advice? The new GeneratedCodeAttribute inlcudes the version ( of the TypedDataSetGenerator. Is it new? Can I use the old one with VS2010? I really need a solution for this problem! I wonder if I have to go back to VS2008...

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    Monday, August 2, 2010 8:27 AM


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