CosmosDB - Connect while App Running on 3rd Party Hosting RRS feed

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  • I have created a Node.js application, and a CosmosDB database.

    When I connect to the CosmosDB database locally, all my Database calls work as expected, data is populated and updated in CosmosDB.

    However, when I deploy the app to a 3rd Party Hosting site, my Database calls hang indefinitely. I have checked the configuration of the database connection, then environment variables on the server, etc., and am confident I have set everything up correctly.

    Previously, I had deployed the app via App Service, and all worked fine as well, so I am very confident the issue has something to do with the fact that I am using 3rd party hosting. The app starts and, other than the database calls, works as expected on the 3rd party hosting site.

    Is there something that I have to configure in Azure Portal, or something that might be blocking the connection when it is deployed using 3rd party hosting? Help is much appreciated.

    Thursday, July 2, 2020 7:11 PM