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    We are planning to use EXTJS framework for presentation layer which would be calling WCF based Rest Service or WebAPI Service(Http services) . My requirement is to have 3 tier architecture (physical separation) so my understanding is that we need to put Service layer on another server and host services on IIS there to be consumed by presentation layer hosted on different IIS server. I am getting few doubts regarding this architecture.

    1. Should we use Webform approach to host EXTS libraries as in this case ASP.Net MVC would be irrelevant considering that all the rendering logic is done by EXTJS.
    2. If we host services on another server which service authentication should be used .In this case I think we can’t use Form Authentication as the web and service are hosted separately.
    3. Is it really required to host Service layer on another server to make it three tier ,considering the third tier is the Database server. Isn’t EXTJS running on rendering on browser technically a tier?


    Monday, April 14, 2014 2:38 AM


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    1. Webforms or MVC will do as both generate html. Ext.js runs in the browser so you need to provide the correct html and javascript parts to make it work.
    2. Place the services your Ext.js needs on the webtier, where your webforms/MVC application also runs. Separate your business logic/data logic via other services on another server if needed (second tier). Don't call these directly from your Ext.js. Keep presentation in the first/web tier.
    3. If you want it three tier then it includes physical separation yes. However if you make it 3 layered then you can for example make it two tiered. From the server side perspective a browser's not really considered a tier. However with modern approaches there can also be many layers in the browser. I admit it's debatable nowadays and some will say that the browser is another tier.

    Grz, Kris.

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