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    so i have an app on a webserver, user clicks a button i send a System.net.webrequest to a webservice on a different box in the network that then sends an xml response.


    works on local maching with default credentials;

    works on web server if i hardcode my active directory username and password;

    doesnt work on web server using default network credentials; I get am xml response from the web service of user "webServerName$" is not valid user;

    if i try to use a non active directory domain username and password provided for me for the web service admin of webserviceservername/webservice, webservicepw

    as the httpwebrequest credentials it works on my local but from the app web server the getresponse() to the webrequest to the web service gets a 401 error and no attempt to negiociate the  authentication is made

    so somehow i think even though i passed the webservice username and pass and it worked running from vs on my local box it was still somehow doing the ntlsm handshake with my windows domain credentials

    i tried using impersonation

    user = windowsidentity.getcurrent()

    impersonationcontext  = user.impersonate before the httprequest but that seems to do nothing

    seem to have no way to tie that impersonation to the webrequest credtials.

    my current ideas is to try adding the webServerName$ as an authorized user of the webservice and use defaultnetworkcredential for the system.net.webrequest

    however my ideal solution if possible is to somehow use a token or impersonation to pass the domain user credentials through to the webservice request

    without having my web app ask the user for his password to create a new networkcredential object with it.

    i need the webserver to be able to impersonate the client on remote systems basically is what im thinking.

    so user  on network -> my webapp -> webservice on other computer -> my webapp -> to user

    all the domain users using my webapp are authorized users for the backend db/application the webservice is connected to.

    web app is on iis7 on server 2008 using a .net 4.0 app pool

    so floor is open to smarter people to show me the light


    Friday, May 30, 2014 7:17 AM

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