Until they fix WEDU on W10... RRS feed

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  • Installed a W8.1 Hyper-V VM. I'm sure I could have used W7 as well, but it was the only OS I happened to have a key to hand.

    Windows update (and tell it, NO NO NO W10)

    Installed the WES7 SP1 toolkit (only x64 though)

    Installed WEDU 1.2, let it wedinate. It found 624 updates.

    Hide all the IE8, 10 and language pack updates.

    let it install (several hours. Overnight and another hour clicking on "Accepts" this morning.)

    Got a scary error the first time I tried ICE. 

    Tried again today after a surprise windows update and it seems that ICE works.

    Copied back my $oem and out-of-box junk. 

    Started ICE, opened old config and let it complain about missing patches, wrong DS etc. But it seems happy.

    This will have to do until they fix wedu for windows 10.

    Copy can be sedate in a VM but this machine is so much faster than the old one I don't care ^^!


    Wednesday, November 25, 2015 4:01 AM