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  • Clarification regarding QTP
    In Test Driven Development (TDD) , we write the test cases first and then the code to make the test cases pass. Now can these tests which are written initially, can it be written using the testing tool QTP(Quick Test Professional). or is QTP a testing tool used only to test the Web Application only after being completely developed. What is the best tool to be used in this scenario.
    Clarification regardin WATIR/WATIN
    Can WATIR or WATIN tools (tools which are used to automate the testing). can we use WATIR or WATIN to write these test cases in the very beginning for the Test Driven Development Approach (TDD).. or is it that WATIR/WATIN cannot be used to write Test cases in the very beginning for TDD approach and WATIR\WATIN is used only for automating the test cases and is used in the later part.
    The approach that I know about TDD, is that first the test cases has to be written in a tool like NUNit (or a Visual Studio built tool to write the test cases). Then we write CODE to satisfy the test cases....Typically these test cases written are for checking the Business Logic...
    Has anyone across any situation where-in even before writing the first web page , can we write a test case where in we specify the ID's of the all the elements in the HTML Page and then write the HTML page to make the test pass ...Does this approach(the last one that I mentioned just now) seem wrong or can it be practically implemented.

    Tuesday, December 2, 2008 4:39 PM

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