Outlook 2016 Macro to monitor and save body of messages with specific subject line to excel network drive location RRS feed

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    Every day Oracle sends an email report which comes to my inbox which using a Rule is moved to a subfolder called "Cost Reports". The body of the email contains what is essentially a large table of data in "|" pipe delineated format. I then copy the body of the email and paste it into Excel. It is "|" pipe delineated designed to be opened in Excel using the 'text to columns' principle. So each line in the email body is a row in excel and the "|" represents the columns. About 600 rows.

    I've looked at options to automate this but group policy has removed 'run a script' from the Rules in Outlook, and there is no 'Auto Archive' option any more. I do still have access to Macros it seems. I've worked with vba in Excel a bit, albeit fairly inexperienced.

    I think what I need is a macro within Outlook to monitor my "Cost Reports" folder for a message with a specific subject ("Cost Report") then at "save as" to a network folder that I have mapped. An ideal outcome would be if this could also do the transfer the email body to Excel or CSV format rather than a mail message.

    Would anyone have any pointers on how best to do this please? I can get started to get the save to network part done I can then figure out how to change the format of the message.

    Grateful for any help,


    Friday, January 11, 2019 10:22 AM