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  • SO far, I've discovered that resw files are ideal for localizing a Win8 app.

    BUT it seems that there is a wonderful new 'multilingual editor' tool available for working with XLIFF files, which appear to be an emerging standard.

    HOW can I use XLIFF as my resource files when programming in C++ ??

    Is there some kind of library for that? (I'm not finding anything on MSDN at the moment...)

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  • I do not know a XLIFF C++ class library to get the particular language strings to use this strings at runtime in an application. From what I know XLIFF is use often in translation services to translate text from one language to an other. But I'm developer not a translater, therefore this knowledge is not very large.

    But you can do it by your own if your want. Since XLIFF is an open specified XML format you should be able to use an XML parser to retrieve the particular string.

    I use an own XML language file format since years for localized strings in my applications. It is a good way for localizing IMO. I create the XML files automated from the stringtable of the res file in my case. The XML file contents has to be translated to the particular language that is needed. I have for every language an seperate XML file.

    If you have the XLIFF data for your application it makes sense to use XLIFF, if you have to generate this data I'm not sure if it is a 'win'. XLIFF seems to have a large overhead that is not really needed to have localized strings.

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