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  • Just as an FYI for in case someone else runs into this issue:


    1. Certain entities in the Outlook client just don't load even though other ones work fine. It usually only happens for one or a few users. When you click on the specific entity (or entities) in CRM for Outlook you can get these messages:
      1. “CRM failed to load.” (but all other entities load fine)
      2. “There was an error displaying the records in this view.”
      3. You get just a blank white screen in the frame that never loads.
      4. In addition to the above symptoms, you might also get an error containing "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."


    Deleted custom fields used as columns in pinned Advanced Find views. The grid can’t load because the view can’t load because it can’t complete the SQL query of a field that doesn’t exist.

    Repro Steps:

    1. Create a searchable custom field.
    2. Create an Advanced Find with the custom field as a column.
    3. In the Outlook client, in the entity, pin the Advanced Find view containing the custom field as a column.
    4. Close Outlook.
    5. Delete the custom field from the entity fields section of the CRM Solution.
    6. Re-open Outlook.
    7. Click on the entity in Outlook. It should show the symptoms mentioned above.


    Remove the deleted field column from all advanced find views for that entity.

    1. Go to Advanced Find Saved Views for the entity having the issue.
    2. Check all columns for each System and Personal View. You should look for a column(s) that have a yellow yield sign symbol and a GUID (instead of a display name). The GUID is referencing the deleted field that no longer exists. Delete the column and save the view.
    3. Repeat for all of the entity views.

    Also see:

    Which has some other causes:
    Cause 1: Google Chrome browser issue.
    Cause 2: Compatibility mode is set for Outlook.
    Cause 3: Needed CRM privileges do not exist.
    Cause 4: Two different Outlook versions are installed.

    Wednesday, June 27, 2012 2:56 PM

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  • I had a ticket opened with Microsoft for this error for 65 days.  The error was in the UserEntity UI Settings. 

    Apparently, there were 2 semi-colons reading:


    Tech could only reproduce by actually using an on premise version and running a SQL update to force the entry. 

    Issue Cause: One of the pinned view has some reference which causes the record under UserEntityUISettingsbase table corrupted for Leads object.

    Fortunately, we signed on the Premier Support and were able to escalate the issue through them as it disabled the Leads section for multiple Users.

    Wednesday, June 27, 2012 3:57 PM
  • Hi Zara, thanks that is a good point and I think this is related.  What you're mentioning could be what it actually looks like on the SQL server. 

    Did you check each of the advanced find views, for that entity, to look for columns that had a GUID in them instead of a standard display name? I think the double semi-colons you're referencing is the same as the issue I mentioned above, where if you follow the repro steps it causes the ";;" in the SQL database the advanced find query is querying. The Advanced Find query for that entity then can't understand the ";;" and fails to load the grid and tabbed views altogether. Between the two semi-colons would ordinarily be the GUID of the deleted field, but since the field was deleted, the actual GUID in the view in SQL is deleted upon the field being deleted, and you're left with no spaces between the two semi-colons. The Advanced Find query itself, however, will then still contain the deleted field as column which is represented by the non-space between the two semi-colons ";;" in SQL.

    Yes, multiple users can be affected if their advanced find views (e.g. a customized system view) contain the same deleted field as a column.

    Wednesday, June 27, 2012 7:33 PM