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  • This was archived with the wrong answer in the old forum so I thought I'd open it back up new with the correct answer.

    You receive an error in Hyper V "Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management Service not present" when attempting to connect to another host (in order to manage another set of VM's on another host on your network).

    In the archived forum thread, someone suggested checking to make sure the the Hyper V Management Service was running and that virtualization was enabled in your BIOS.

    If you have an established Hyper V setup and running VM's, this is not the problem because none of that would be possible if virtualization was disabled in the BIOS or the service wasn't running.

    What you may want to check is if the machine you're trying to connect to has been added to the machine [you're trying to connect FROM] as a trusted host. Here's how you do that.

    1.) Open Powershell as an administrator on the machine you want to connect FROM

    2.) type: Get-Item WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts

    3.) If you don't see the machine you want to connect TO in that list (under the "value" column) then do #4 below

    4.) type: Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts "name or IP of the server you want to connect TO (in quotes)"

    5.) If you want to add multiple machines, just separate the IP's or machine names with commas example: "machine1,machine2"

    6.) That's it.

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