Outlook 2016 To-Do Bar Work Week Calendar View RRS feed

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  • I am trying to configure Outlook 2016 so that i can view my Inbox, Tasks List and Calendar on 1 page. The issue i am having is the Calendar View in the To-Do Bar is very limited and inefficient.

    The Calendar View i want is the standard 'Work Week' view where all day or multi-day events are at the top and 8am to 5pm view below this showing events. I would prefer the Calendar allow drag and drop so that i can drag and drop emails to task lists, emails to calendar, etc.

    I was thinking of using Visual Studio Community 2019 to create an Add-On for Outlook. Maybe a Custom Task Pane with a WebBrowser Control and the Work Week Calendar View would be contained within the WebBrowser Control. I tried this but it did not seem to work well. 

    I was also thinking of using an Outlook View Control (OutlookViewCtl) to do it but there is very limited sample coding on the websites showing how to create an OutlookViewCtl in VB.

    Please advise if this view is possible.


    Andy Calder

    Wednesday, April 24, 2019 2:32 PM