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  • While developing a data access solution that utilizes generic repository and unit of work pattern over entity framework 4.2. I am seeing some abnormal behavior. To make my repositories generic, I have utilized the Set<T> method of DbContext like:

    public class MyGenericRepository<T> 

    protected readonly IDbContext context;

    public virtual IEnumerable<T> FindBy(Func<T, bool> predicate)
                return context.GetDbSet<T>().Where(predicate).First();


    where IDbContext is like: 

    public interface IDbContext
            void Commit();
            void Attach<T>(T obj) where T : class;
            void Add<T>(T obj) where T : class;
            DbSet<T> GetDbSet<T>() where T : class;
            bool Remove<T>(T item) where T : class;

    The DbContext class implements the IDbContext as: 

    public partial class MyEntities : IDbContext


    public DbSet<T> GetDbSet<T>() where T : class
                return this.Set<T>();


    When I do repository.FindBy(c => c.CompanyId == 45), Sql Profiler shows the query to NOT contain any filter (company_id = 45). The query does a Select *.

    Expecting a filter to be present, i started researching and came across this,


    The thread confirms my thought process but the results are different. Any solutions?



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